Buzzard Day 100k, 50k, 10 miler

March 14, 2020

Celebrate the return of the Buzzard!

The Buzzard Day Race is the perfect opportunity to share one of Medina County's premier training grounds.  The well-groomed horse trails and section of Ohio's Buckeye Trail features some roots, rocks, and some scenic water crossings along the riverbeds.  This race is the first and only Ultra-Marathon and trail race series in the Hinckley Reservation.  The beauty of this gem in the Cleveland Metroparks is sure to not disappoint!


Hinckley Reservation​

1151 Ledge Rd

Hinckley, Ohio 44233

Race Directors

Connie Gardner

Race Information


Course Markings

Course Markings


100K      6:00am start        $100

50K        8:00am start        $60

10M       10:00am start        $40

Course Markings

Course Markings

Course Markings


The course will be elaborately marked the evening prior to the event with various brightly colored streamers, pie plates, arrows, and signs and an assorment of other objects that are unnatural to the forest.  There is no reason for anyone to have difficultly following the course markings.  The Ol' Buzzard will also be leading several course familiarization runs.


Course Markings

Aid Stations


Each starter will receive a high-quality tech-fabric race shirt, an awesome goodie-bag with items from our sponsors, full access to aid stations and a sweet finisher’s award.

Aid Stations

Aid Stations

Aid Stations


Three fully functioning aid stations approximately every 5 miles.  All Aid stations will have water, pretzels, potato chips, cookies, candy, sodas, soup, and sports drink. In an effort to minimize trash and waste, all participants are encouraged to carry a water bottle. You may bring your own hydration and nutrition if you have specific dietary needs. 

Drop Bags

Aid Stations

Drop Bags


There will be an area at the Start/Finish for your drop bags. Drop bags should be labeled with your name and race number prior to leaving them in the staging area.  Please collect your belongings at the finish. We are not responsible for lost items and we will not mail drop bags or other items left at the race. Any items left behind will be donated to the Salvation Army.


Aid Stations

Drop Bags


First Male and Female Overall

First Male and Female Master

First Male and Female Grand Master

No duplicate awards.

Course Map - 15.6 mile loop


The Ol' Buzzard will surely change this!!

Be sure to prepare for mud!


Mens 100k Top Performers

'15Dustin Smith (30)9:53:17

'17Brian Polan (36)10:08:13

'14Avery Collins (21)10:21:00

'18Jeffrey Adams (39)10:21:43

'15Charles Twigg (47)10:56:08

'16Mike Cooper (34)11:00:30

'16David Peterman (53)11:21:41

'18David Peterman (55)11:35:38

'17David Peterman (54)11:47:46

'15David Peterman (52)11:49:48


Womens 100k Top Performers

'16Beth Gilday (54)12:55:14

'16Jill Dematteis (48)13:21:28

'16Michelle Bichsel (42)15:31:21

'18Beth Gilday (56)15:53:00

'16Laura Hufschmidt (35)16:30:00

'16Jessica Bohn (37)16:30:00

'17Stacie Humm (40)16:56:34

'18Kimberly Durst (34)16:58:00

'14Tami Rhoades (44)17:13:00

'15Kimberly Durst (31)17:22:15


Mens 50k Top Performers

'16Coree Woltering (26)3:52:36

'18Travis Zipfel (29)4:01:45

'13Nathan Szabados (23)4:03:51

'18Koltin Hammer (22)4:16:00

'17Sam Skeels (38)4:16:57

'18Zach Merrin (33)4:21:08

'14Nathan Szabados (24)4:28:00

'17Gavin McKenzie (33)4:32:51

'16David Sikes (30)4:32:57

'13Jonathan Bolha (31)4:37:32


Womens 50k Top Performers

'13Melissa Terwilliger (29)4:55:51

'13Jennifer Yaros (40)5:08:09

'16Christa Petryszyn (34)5:12:27

'13Michelle Bichsel (39)5:18:25

'16Kim Good (49)5:19:15

'13Terri Lemke (52)5:29:28

'13Allison Jeric (32)5:35:50

'16Jeannine Nicholson (37)5:35:59

'14Connie Gardner (50)5:44:00

'15Jeannine Nicholson (36)


Mens 25k Top Performers

'15Matt Lipsey (24)1:46:24

'13Patrick Fisher (21)1:48:56

'18Coree Woltering (28)1:55:22

'13James Heun (54)2:00:32

'13James Van Orman (43)2:05:04

'16Korey Smerk (26)2:05:49

'17Zach Merrin (32)2:08:45

'14Kevin Hippley (37)2:09:00

'16Adam Snook (33)2:12:02


Womens 25k Top Performers

'16Greg Kearney (47)2:12:25

'13Ashleigh Spees (31)2:22:02

'13Heidi Finniff (42)2:27:14

'13Emily Collins (34)2:30:31

'16Deb Wilch (39)2:33:31

'16Shari Geiger (43)2:34:34

'13Amy Clark (36)2:37:29

'18Pamela Mcgowan (39)2:40:29

'14Lee Ann Werner (45)2:41:00

'16Candie Bates (45)2:42:32

'16Elena Lougovskaia (39)2:44:39


Hinckley Reservation

100K start - 6:00am

50K start - 8:00am

25K start - 8:00am

Start Address

1151 Ledge Road Hinckley Ohio 44233

They are coming

What the heck is Buzzard Day?

Run To Share



Created by founder Roy Heger Run to Share is an incorporated 501 (c) (3) non-profit that exists to financially and physically assist groups and individuals in need.


Organizations Supported

  • St Clair Scholarship at Highland High School 
  • Brooklyn Exchange Club/Cabin 
  • Medina County Road Runners Scholarship 
  • Feeding Medina County Brunswick Food Bank
  • Battered Womens Shelter of Medina and Summit County
  • Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley
  • Medina County Children's Center
  • Individuals in need


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