Crowell Hilaka Trail Run

50K and Half Marathon, October 18, 2020

This is a Free Race!  

There are strings attached however. The event will provide a first rate running experience for its participants but you must give back by doing two or more of the following: donating to one of our partner charities or participating in one of the forest restoration days at the Richfield Heritage Preserve.  

Come out and spend the day running on primitive trails, bridle trails, and camp roads!   

Ohio's Buckeye trail also runs through the park, providing runners with beautiful primitive trails. There will be roots, rocks, mud, and maybe a creek crossing or two. Since the race is in mid October, the fall colors will be out in full splendor! 

There will be a 6 mile loop with and out & back at the end for the extra mile for both distances.  

Run or volunteer



This is a RUNNING FORWARD and GIVING BACK event. Your free first rate running experience for its participants has strings attached. 

You MUST: donate to one of our partner charities or participating in one of the forest restoration days at the Richfield Heritage Preserve.  



The race will need help with course marking , sweeping, Aid Station duties, and timing. Please click on the registration link for volunteer signup. 


Race Director

Jennifer Douglas


Jennifer is also the RD of the Regal Beagle Ultra race in the Bath Nature Preserve. Jennifer  and Mingo Madness in June and is and integral part of RFGB . Her races benefit the parks and small community organizations in need. 

Richfield Heritage Preserve


Formerly known as Crowell Hilaka

Visit one of Ohio's Hidden Treasures. 336 acres of winding streams, lakes, and wooded uplands, it was farmed by the pioneer Oviatt family and then became the estate of inventor Jim Kirby.  During the 1920s Kirby constructed a patented lake, a mill to generate electric power, a house air-conditioned with spring water, and a dance hall built on springs. Upstream, the Neal Families built their fairy tale houses and operated a thriving fruit farm. The land was purchased by the Cleveland Girl Scouts in 1937 and enclosed for the protection of the girls. In 2015, the property was purchased by the city of Richfield.  It is being transformed into a park for public enjoyment.​

Giving back to the Richfield Heritage Preserve


Environmental Restoration

Participants are expected to donate time to the park through coordinated efforts with the race directors...and/or donate financial support to the Richfield Heritage Preserve. Shown here are 2018 volunteers clearing invasive species from the forest floor. 

Course Map


Course records


Male 50K

Female 50K

Female 50K

'18Ward Fremon (46)5:02:43

'18George Themelis (59)5:07:04

'18Lary Henry (33)5:11:32

'19Christopher Hernandez (31)5:13:30

'18Anthony Balasco (67)5:17:55

'19Zach Vierheller (35)5:24:29

'19Mark Pancake (47)5:27:53

'19Matthew Palmer (31)5:32:03

'19Timothy Vierheller (60)5:32:15

'18Mark Pancake (46)5:34:36


Female 50K

Female 50K

Female 50K

'18Jaime Fensterl (32)5:20:04

'18Steph Skrzysowski (43)5:43:31

'19Laura Jayne (25)5:58:48

'18Tracy Finn (51)6:02:15

'19Beth Werling (41)6:28:27

'19Kate Bernard (35)6:44:43

'19Kathie Noe (48)6:45:45

'18Lindsey Wells (37)7:17:15

'19Shellie Yoder (52)7:31:31

'19Kate Weinland (31)7:44:49



Friends of Crowell Hikala

Friends of Crowell Hilaka is a nonprofit advocacy group partnering with the RJRD to preserve, protect, enhance, and promote Richfield Heritage Preserve, formerly Crowell Hilaka.


4374 Broadview Rd, Richfield, Ohio 44286, United States

Contact the RD

Running Forward and Giving Back