Run with Scissors October 27, 2018

Double Marathon, Marathon, Half Marathon

Run With Scissors includes a scenic variety of single track trail, bridle trails, and some park roads. The course is located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park!! It includes water crossings, roots, rocks, hills, mud and a good chance of really bad weather! The event is held annually in late October with a Halloween theme. Costumes are strongly encouraged, there will be awards for the best ones.


Ledges Shelter - Cuyahoga Valley National Park
701 Truxell Rd
Peninsula, Ohio 44264

Race Director

Roy Heger




Aid Stations

Fully stocked aid stations with Hammer Nutrition products, chips, pop, pretzels, cookies, sandwich squares, soup, and many other goodies!

Aid will be placed approximately every 4 miles. 


Each participant will receive a gender specific, technical fabric, piece of winter running apparel, participation award, finishers award, goodie bags with great stuff from our sponsors, and a post race meal

Top Performers

Mens Double Marathon

'10Jon Brenestuhl (28)7:21:00

'16Zach Merrin (31)7:36:46

'15Chad Trumbo (32)7:50:31

'10Charles Twigg (43)8:02:00

'10Stephen Zeidner (28)8:12:00

'10Jeff Allen (43)8:12:30

'14Zach Merrin (29)8:14:57

'10Rick Bechtel (46)8:16:00

'13Jay Smithberger (44)8:22:03

Women's Double Marathon

'10Connie Gardner (46)8:10:00

'10Suzanne Pokorny (46)8:18:00

'12Connie Gardner (48)9:37:00

'13Jeannine Nicholson (34)9:37:25

'08Michelle Bichsel (35)9:38:00

'17Emily Collins (38)9:42:04

'13Michelle Bichsel (40)10:02:47

'16Ashley Truan (33)10:12:48

'13Darcy Lallathin (43)10:14:45

'11Stacy Kotsko (30)10:15:00

'13Terri Lemke (53)10:15:40

Mens Marathon

'10Vince Rucci (33)3:17:00

'12Nathan Szabados (23)3:21:00

'16Nathan Szabados (27)3:23:48

'13Nathan Szabados (24)3:24:42

'15Nathan Szabados (26)3:28:55

'13Timothy Kelly (23)3:34:44

'12Vince Rucci (35)3:39:00

'12Dan Mesh (48)3:42:00

'09Jake Draa (21)3:47:00

'14Jason Howland (45)3:47:30

Womens Marathon

'10Beth Woodward (35)3:37:00

'15Cheryl Bayart (33)4:00:43

'13Laurie Colon (36)4:06:28

'15Madalyne Smith (26)4:10:36

'13Cheryl Bayart (31)4:13:41

'10Terri Lemke (50)4:15:00

'13Teri Buck (51)4:18:15

'16Lauren Hutchens (40)4:20:01

'13Erin Troy (31)4:27:24

'15Tricia Cole (36)4:29:32

Mens Half Marathon

'15David Ryland (22)1:27:44

'14Daniel Euclide (26)1:42:34

'14Justin Eastwood (35)1:43:50

'13Tommy Mcnear (37)1:45:02

'13Jean-Philippe Bayart (30)1:46:28

'14Kevin Hippley (38)1:46:32

'14John Aron (36)1:49:43

'15Douglas Smith (20)1:49:53

'15Doug Smith (44)1:50:21

'13Phillip Budowanec (31)1:51:11

Women's Half Marathon

'15Kristy Hill (35)1:48:25

'14Anne Pistone (37)1:50:41

'14Aria Hemphill (24)1:55:11

'13Sarah Vaccareli (34)1:57:08

'13Tricia Cole (34)1:58:36

'15Michelle Spieth (30)1:59:42

'14Vicki Miller (51)2:00:47

'13Megan Deichler (29)2:01:02

'15Stefanie Smith (44)2:01:32

'14Kim Good (47)2:03:11


Ledges Shelter CVNP

The Ledges Shelter, Truxell Rd, Peninsula, OH

About Run To Share


Created by founder Roy Heger Run to Share is an incorporated 501 (c) (3) non-profit that exists to financially and physically assist groups and individuals in need.

Organizations Supported

  • The Patriot Runners Ellie 
  • St Clair Scholarship at Highland High School 
  • Brooklyn Exchange Club/Cabin 
  • Medina County Road Runners Scholarship 
  • Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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