Doan Creek Trail Race

50K, 25K, 12.5K - September 22nd

The Doan Creek Trail Race is the first and only ultra trail racing event that takes place in the City of Cleveland. The course is nestled between suburban and city streets in an inspiring gorge that contains much natural beauty.  It is arguably the hardest 50K in North Eastern Ohio. 

Free Race

There are strings attached however. The event will provide a first rate running experience for its participants but they must give back by doing two or more of the following: 

1) DOANate to our charity Girls with Sole. ​​

2) DOANate to Doan Brook Watershed Partnership 

3) DOANate time to our Environmental Clean Up Program

Race Director

Rich Schlenk


Wait List

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About Doan Creek Trail Race

Hidden Trail Gem

This is a very special and unique urban trail running experience in a forgotten and mysterious area known to very few NE Ohio residents. There are no known published maps of this trail system.  It starts around the Lower Shaker Lake and once it crosses west past Coventry Road descends into the gorge of Doan Creek (Brook). The course undulates in a narrow corridor between several busy suburban streets but once within the gorge you will be overwhelmed with a sense of being transported to a remote location. Urban ruins mixed with the natural raw beauty of the Doan Creek set this apart from other local trail events. The geological history of the gorge traces back thousands of years. This is where the earliest Cleveland settlers dwelt in the early 1800s. 

Course Features

Mostly single track and gnarly punishing trail
Several road crossings
​Rolling hills 
800+ ft of gain per loop and 3200+ ft over 50K 
Immense rock walls
Narrow ledges and steep drop offs 
Cascading waterfalls
Car wreckage
Flood retention concrete graffiti dam
​Post apocalyptic ruins 
Urban art work 

​Abundant wild life 

Choose Your Distance Carefully

Semi-Accurate Descriptors:
50K (Crushing. Menacing. Ugly. Hardcore)
25K (Formidable. Arduous. Painful. Respectable)
Fun Loop (Sensible. Intelligent. Injured. Old)

Course Map

8 mile loop repeats

Most zig zag 50K course anywhere

Over 2000 markers!

Fully Stacked Aid Station 

Separate Water Station at the far end

Drop bags allowed at start finish

2018 Charity

Girls with Sole

Girls With Sole is the only local organization providing free fitness and wellness programs, running shoes and fitness journals to girls ages 9-18 who have experienced abuse of any kind, or who are at-risk. Your support enables GWS to directly impact the lives of girls in our community who need our programs in order to gain empowerment, self-esteem and a sense of belonging, as well as, fitness and fun! 

Doan Brook Watershed Partnership

Doan Brook (Creek) is a very important local ecological watershed. The Doan Brook runs through Shaker Hts from Horseshoe Lake receiving tributaries from Southerly Park to meet the Lower Lake. From there it decends through the gorge then dives underground for over a mile until it emerges once again in Rockefeller Park and finally enters Lake Erie.
DBWP focuses on restoring ecosystem services within the Doan Brook watershed to further local sustainability goals. 

2017 Charity $7K

EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute

Edwin gives  formerly incarcerated adults a foundation in the hospitality industry while providing a support network necessary their long-term success. Our mission three-fold: is to teach a skilled and in-demand trade in the culinary arts, empower willing minds through passion for the hospitality industry, and prepare students for a successful transition home.

Clean UP efforts

Clean Up Efforts of our City Trails

Doan Creek runners and families collect litter from the Doan Brook Watershed helping with the environment and improving their community

75 bags of trash removed in 2017 and 175 bags of trash removed from the Doan Watershed in 2018

Two Clean Up Dates for 2018

July 21 and Aug 18

Registrants will be notified the location and time via email and Facebook

Buy Gear (proceeds to Girls with Sole)

Doan Creek Tees

Doan Creek Hats

50K Top Performers


'17  Paul Ryland (25)  4:44:49     

'17  Mark Bain (41)  5:01:48     

'16  Mark Bain (40)  5:21:00     

'17  Christopher Koch (36)  5:53:41     

'16  Christopher Koch (34)  6:05:00     

'17  Andrew Bain (39)  6:14:29     

'16  George Themelis (57)  6:19:00     

'16  Avery Labelle (29)  6:21:00     

'17  Marc Ivory (46)  6:21:06     

'16  Keith Hansz (19)  6:29:00


'17  Emily Collins (38)  6:16:26    

'17  Crystal Shinosky (46)  6:37:21    

'16  Leah Johansen (37)  6:39:00    

'17  Vanessa Kline (36)  7:17:59    

'17  Laura Taucher (38)  7:50:24   

'16  Stacie Humm (40)  8:04:00    

'17  Kirsten Dickerson (36)  8:57:42    

'17  Stacie Humm (41)  8:58:55

25K Top Performers


'16  Dan Mesh (52)  2:21:00     

'16  Larry Tafe (51)  2:25:00     

'17  Dan Mesh (53)  2:31:57     

'17  Kevin Skilskyj (39)  2:37:02     

'17  Bryan Prack (39)  2:50:34     

'17  Bob Daily (58)  2:51:45     

'17  Michael Schaefer (45)  2:53:00     

'16  Thomas Laframboise (49)  2:55:00     

'16  Matthew Force (51)  2:57:00     

'16  Jim Harris (52)  3:01:00


'17  Amanda Debevc (39)  2:53:30    

'17  Carina Reimers (49)  3:00:54    

'17  Molly Elmer-Dewitt (29)  3:01:57    

'17  Anja Jankowsky (47)  3:10:32    

'17  Sarah Saefkow (29)  3:16:00    

'16  Christina Wright (31)  3:22:00    

'16  Carole Krus (48)  3:43:00    

'17  Jennifer Ernhardt (47)  3:46:42    

'16  Roxanne Bain (35)  3:50:00    

'16  Kate Nagel (39)  3:50:00

Doan Creek Review summary of the event

Start/Finish Location

Lower Shaker Lake

Brook Road, Shaker Hts, OH 44120


Parking is Very Limited!

In order to avoid crowding the street around the Lower Shaker Lake and to respect our locals kindly park in the streets designated by your distance. 

Each side street is a short walk to the Start/Finish.

Friends and family and volunteers can choose any of the side streets. 

Please if you can carpool!!

Supporting small local business

Cleveland Running Company

2248 Lee Rd

Cleveland Heights OH 44118

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