The Forgotten

Saturday May 30th 2020


The Forgotten is an urban trail ultra race experience held in Forest Hill Park, which borders Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland. The rich history of the area is often forgotten. Forest Hill Park was the former estate of John D. Rockefeller, the wealthiest person in history, whose family donated the land for public use. The course is beautiful, with wonderful meadows, deep gorges, old pathways, majestic trees, rolling hills and waterways. Urban graffiti, abandoned buildings and other ruins are constant reminders of Cleveland's past and present. 

50K, 25K, Fun Loop Options

This is a FREE EVENT

The Forgotten is a free event


Participants must either:

1) Donate to  the East Cleveland Park Association thru RFGB 


2) Participate in a clean up effort days to remove trash from Forest Hill Park.


Running Forward and Giving Back

Running Forward and Giving Back is a non-profit 501c3 organization consisting of unique and special NE Ohio trail races which share a mission to support runners, our precious parks, and local individuals or small organizations who require a helping hand. 



John D. Rockefeller Estate

Forest Hill was once the sweeping estate of oil baron John D. Rockefeller. Originally from a small town near the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, Rockefeller purchased the land along Euclid Avenue as a commercial venture in 1873, opening (along with other investors) a “water cure resort” centered around a Victorian mansion built on a hilltop overlooking Cleveland and Lake Erie. After the resort quickly went out of business, the mansion became the Rockefeller family’s summer home, dubbed the “Homestead.” The Rockefellers split time between here and their home on Euclid Avenue’s Millionaires’ Row until the family moved to New York City in 1884, after which point they returned to Forest Hill each summer. After his wife died in 1915, however, John D. Rockefeller seldom returned to Cleveland and Forest Hill. The “Homestead” burned down under mysterious circumstances in 1917. 


Forest Hill Park

Rockefeller sold Forest Hill to his son John Rockefeller Jr. in 1923 for $2.8 million. In 1939, Rockefeller Jr. donated the Forest Hill acreage to the cities of Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland with the express stipulation that they be used for public recreation. This land included the site of the old Rockefeller house (now used as a sledding hill), and was developed into a public park by the landscape architect and Cleveland Heights native A. D. Taylor. The park opened in 1942, allowing members of the public to at last savor the cool lake breezes previously enjoyed by the richest man in the world. Picnic areas, walking trails, ballfields, and a swimming pool were some of the amenities added to the park over the years


Current Forest Hill Park

Forest Hill is a 235-acre park located on the edge of the Appalachian Mountain foothills in East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights, OH. Overall, the park is about 40 percent forest and 45 percent meadow. There is much natural beauty intermixed with decades of neglect, underfunding, refuse, and ruins. It remains an oasis of nature that should be cared for and NEVER FORGOTTEN.


8 Mile Loops

Rolling Hills

40 % easy cross country 

40% not so easy single track trail

20% asphalt 

Two Aid Stations

Drop bags allowed

Start times

8am : 50K

9am : 25K

9am : (Fun Loop)


Course Map

Subject to change!!


Clean Up Efforts (Date TBD)

Two dates will be organized in connection with the Doan Creek event to clean up a heavily littered section of Forest Hill Park

Course Records


Mens 50K

Female 50k

Female 50k

'19Mark Bain (42)5:00:23

'19Brooks Jones III (32)5:43:58

'19Adam Knabe (37)5:45:31

'19Michael Dowdell (43)5:51:04

'19Suneel Apte (57)6:07:15

'19Ladd Clifford (51)6:17:46

'19George Themelis (59)6:23:07

'19Jonathan Erenstoft (41)6:25:28

'19Jason Stevens (45)6:31:58

'19Patrick Krott (35)6:46:37


Female 50k

Female 50k

Female 50k

'19Christa Petryszyn (37)6:48:37

'19Steph Demuth (43)6:59:19

'19Helcia Bratko (49)7:24:51

'19Christen McFarland (37)7:48:40

'19Lindsey Wells (38)8:00:18

'19Bridget Walker (53)8:12:59

'19Diane Bosley (63)8:16:56

'19Aimee Shilling (39)8:31:43

'19Tracy Randig (45)8:42:3


Mens 25K

Females 25K

Females 25K

'19David Traul (47)2:36:14

'19Kevin Sovacool (28)2:36:45

'19Brian West (40)2:40:23

'19Luke Baum (55)2:42:51

'19Matthew Anderson (47)2:49:22

'19Richard Angell (45)2:51:22

'19Don Luscher (63)2:51:46

'19Bob Pokorny (58)2:56:05

'19Jude Thomas (49)2:56:41

'19Matt Fremon (48)3:10:12


Females 25K

Females 25K

Females 25K

'19Alescia Roberto (33)2:25:00

'19Jennifer Douglas (51)3:16:34

'19Jennifer Duncan (39)3:19:14

'19Joan Rossman (56)3:20:14

'19Elaine Hessler (50)3:22:50

'19Erica Kotabish (36)3:27:07

'19Lynne Kokoczka (34)3:30:41

'19Kate Toohig (42)3:46:48

'19Jody Trostler (50)3:46:48

'19Annmarie Nyikes (56)3:50:01

Race Start/Finish Location

Parking for participants, volunteers, spectators

Latitude 41.5230 Longitude -81.5843

1900 Forest Hill Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44112, United States

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